Is your child future-ready?


Many parents are anxious about their children’s progress in school. Every parent wants the best for their children. Children nowadays are not like children in the past. They are exposed and surrounded by many stimuli – colourful, multisensory toys, television, radio, smartphones, tablets etc. They do not need to be taught how to use a smartphone or tablet, but somehow they can figure it out all by themselves before the age of two.

Many parents make the mistake of giving free reign of electronic products to their children without consequences/limitations/discipline, thinking that exposing them to technology early is making them “future-ready”.

But is it?

How can we be sure that our children are future-ready? What are the necessary skills and values do we need to equip our children with?

1. Values

Values such as respect, responsibility, discipline, determination, perseverance etc start from home. It is important for our children to have a good set of values to guide them in life. Good values starts from home and schools only reinforce these good values.

2. Adaptability

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Jobs that do not exist 5 years ago are highly sought after now. They need to learn things at a faster rate. They need to learn how to unlearn and re-learn.

3. Emotional Quotient

Having high EQ is crucial for your child to develop Empathy. Empathy is a skill where they need to understand being in “other people’s shoes”. High EQ children will have the tendency to be less selfish and be more willing to help others.

4. Team Player

Being a team-player is crucial to be future-ready. Our children need to learn how to work and collaborate with one another. They have to learn that no man is an island. T.E.A.M. means Together Everyone Achieves More. Our differences are not our weakness. Everyone has different strengths, and by learning to work with each other’s differences we can achieve greater heights.

5. Financial Intelligence

Our current economy is in a volatile state. What can go up one day, may come down the next. Thus it is pertinent that our children know how to juggle finances. Understand the differences between “needs” and “wants”. To be financially discipline and not be wasteful with money. And to be financially astute in making investments and not be seduced by “get rich quick” schemes.

6. Find their passion

Many parents believe that getting a “degree” is an “investment” for  their children’s future. But this is not the case anymore. (Read: Why University Degree is No Longer a Golden Ticket to Success in Singapore.) Everyone is different. We are born with our own unique strength and talents. And when your children discover their passion, they will be more engaged. And when they are engaged, they will become more productive and innovative. They will have the ability to solve problems and help other people. And that is what every workplace needs.

The list is exhaustive, but you can use this as a guide.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment or add more in the comments =D